Ana Mikac

yoga teacher, ayurvedic nutrition advisor, massage therapist, personal coach, plant-based cook, marine biologist and ecologist, vedic gardening, organisation

About Ana

Ana’s home is Croatia. Even more so, the area of Ivanščica itself. After travelling and living abroad for about 6 years, she came back to the place where she truly feels at home, with a wish to create a place for people from all over the world. A safe and cozy place where you can put down your mask and feel completely comfortable, safe and free. Free to be exactly who you truly are so that you can easily reconnect to your true self.

Ana’s yoga & ayurveda journey started in 2014 during a trip to Sri Lanka. Two years later (2016) she enrolled in the 3-year Hatha Yoga Training at Ron van der Post’s yoga school in the Netherlands in order to learn more about herself and find out what she wanted to do in life. Without any intention of becoming a yoga teacher. She was only looking for a school which provided more than the physical part of yoga. One of the main motivations to start this training came from a realisation that she no longer wanted to pursue a career as a marine biologist and ecologist. The change can only start with people. With consciousness. So she started with herself. Her intention is to constantly grow further and inspire, motivate and share with others what she has learned. During her teacher training she got an opportunity to teach at the Yoga Wieteke studio in Groningen. These classes gave her an opportunity to discover a whole new side of herself. She has been teaching classes ever since. In spring 2018 she traveled for a second time to India, this time for an Intensive Yoga training in the Himalayas under supervision of magnificent teachers Swami Yogananda, Krishna Priya Didi and Ron van der Post.

With the realisation that through yoga she was raising her own awareness, Ana understood the powerful impact which yoga practice can have on a person. She turned from working as a marine biologist to fully focus on selfstudy, personal development and health. During this period, she took an interest in permculture, nutrition, food and self-sufficiency. She took courses and gained some hands-on experience in those fields. It was all about rediscovering her mother’s and grandmother’s teachings and advice. In 2018 she got her massage diploma (to put on paper what she had been intuitively practicing for about 15 years). In this area Ana is constantly studying more.
In Ana’s life, yoga is a path of self-discovery; union with the self through the self and through nature. The logical next step was going back to her roots and learning more, deepening her practice and connecting more with the Earth and laws of the universe.
Ana’s energy is vibrant, warm, gentle, loving and supportive. With hard work, focus and a little help from a friend (or two ;) ) she is working on her goals and believes that everything is possible.