Looking back to our first retreat in Croatia

Our first retreat was held on island Iž, Croatia, from May 1 to May 5, 2019

We were blessed by a wonderful international group which very fast felt like a big family. The connection the group formed is just beautiful to witness.  Exploring our similarities and differences, learning, sharing, opening up and growing together has been truly magical.

5 days / 25 people + Billa the puppy / 6 nationalities / age 19-63 / all kinds of backgrounds and experience holistic approach / dynamic yoga classes / interactive lectures / working in groups / meditations in the pyramid / blindfold class / sunrise at the hill top while observing 6 dolphins/ swimming in the sea and enjoying the sun / appreciating the thunder and rain while scanning the chakras in savasana / using the support of the new moon energy to set intentions and make a fresh start.

Inspired and motivated by the feedback we got and still filled up with great energy this retreat gave us, we decided to organize a full week retreat, in the middle of summer a the same magical spot.

If you missed this opportunity, make sure to apply on time for the upcoming retreat and make sure to have the best holiday ever! 

Looking forward to seeing you in the 3rd week of August on the island Iž !

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