Looking back to our first digital retreat


We would like to express our gratitude to all the participants of our first Digital retreat!


The topic of the retreat were emotions. We chose this topic because of the very intense times we and the whole planet is going through at the moment. Everything was very new to us. We made sure to prepare well and make the setup as good as possible with camera pointing to Ana who was preforming the practices, projector and a massive screen on which we could keep a very good overview of what each participant was doing. This is very important to us in order to give each participant proper guidance, prevent injuries and get maximum benefit. Also, a week in advance the whole program was sent to all the applicants together with the list of ingredients to prepare for the weekend, the recipes and the description of the method we would be using in order to preforme fasting. All the participants were encouraged to try out the method and experience the benefits of combining quality yoga practice with sattvic food intake.
We all met for the first time through Zoom on Friday evening for the introduction session in which, among other things we adressed,  Ron gave insight to each of the participants into their prakrti (constitution). This is a very interesting and important piece of information which was then connected to the best way of preforming fasting for each individual. The morning practices on Saturday and Sunday (asanas, pranayama, meditation) were vocally led by Ron while Ana was physically preforming them. After this session a lecture given by Ron followed. Then there was time for break and food. Saturday afternoon session started with a meditation, followed by asanas to open the pelvis, and ended with explanation of the 2nd and 5th chakra. On Saturday evening we had a cozy in depth discussion about emotions relating to all the questions which were sent in by the participants. All participants were then asked to write down 3 emotions which they would like to get rid off.
As mentioned, Sunday morning had the same start as the day before, and in the morning lecture all these emotions and situations were commented as well as given a place and a plan on how to deal with them and how to live up to our highest potential.
Sunday afternoon session had the same start as on Saturday and ended with answering the remaining questions.


It has been a very in depth weekend for us all and we absolutely loved it how it went. Thank you for your trust, support and feedback!

Even just few weeks back we could have never imagined doing something like this…
And then, just like yoga is teaching us, we are accepting the constant change and seeing the possibilities in this times which are very different then what we all are used to.

Being very focused on all of you during the program and taking short walks in the brakes made the balance in this weekend.

Grateful for the openness, idea, support, endurance; for the beauty of seeing how everything is slowly falling into place…

Hence, we planed in the new digital retreat also in the weekend version.
The topic is: FACING THE CHANGE.

Feel free to apply and/or inquire here: https://facebook.com/events/s/digital-retreat-facing-the-cha/1145734425758544/?ti=cl


In these times we are also very glad to finally see that all the arrangements around the renovation are slowly getting to an end. This means a lot of decisions. We wish for wisdom, strength and luck in this period.


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