Looking back to New Years retreat


The annual new year’s retreat

Warm welcome

Heart warming sattvic meals by Top Chef Darko

Intensive yoga accessible for everyone In depth philosophy

Easygoing playful and supportive atmosphere

Time to reflect

Burning the old

Planing the new

Group discussions

In depth evaluation of the current state of your being

Personal attention

Personal program

Leaving with clear goals and visions for the future

Step by step plan on how to achieve what you want

Swimming in the sea

So many ‘firsts’

And so much more..

Let the 2020 begin!

True blessing to experience the year transition in the setting of a yoga retreat with these incredible individuals. So much laughter, joy, introspection, and releasing what truly is important in our lives. The motivation to do the personal program created for each individual who joined is high. Keep it up. :)


And yes, you are right, we are making it officially an annual thing, next time in Surya IYSC.



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