Personal Development Training [100hrs]

PDT 100

More then ever before we are confronted with so many changes and not only triggered, but also innerly called to understand the importance of personal growth. Expansion of consciousness. All in order to create the best and most fulfilling life four ourselves, right here, right now.

Whether you are looking for balance and improvement on your spiritual path, your yoga practice as a student or a teacher, in your private relationships or in your professional environment, this training will certainly help you understand yourself, your talents and abilities better and get you closer to your goal.

Life is what you make of it: a challenge, opportunity, dream, disaster, emotional roller coaster or heaven on earth.
What is it that you want in your life?

Growing and developing through your inner process requires a proper and safe environment. This training aims to provide you with that and give you a solid foundation for personal growth. It will be a fascinating, tiring, educational, inspiring, uplifting and beautiful time. Apart from learning different useful skills and tools, this is what you can expect from the Personal Development Training:
*personal guidance on all levels
*support throughout the process
*guidelines for lifestyle adjustments
*time and space to express yourself
*opportunity to improve your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual state
*working in small groups
*and much much more…

Personal development training is designed to open your eyes to understanding the bigger picture. To learn how to express yourself in the way which is beneficial for you. To understand better not only yourself, but also others.
To learn being empathic in a healthy way. To know what you want and firmly but open mindedly stand your ground.

PDT 100 offers year round teachings, support, advice, coaching and more. It is a program created to provide a safe environment in which your whole system will finally feel the space to blossom. Environment in which it is possible to truly acknowledge limiting beliefs and let them go.

We will enter this proces and go through it by applying holistic approach to life according to classical yoga phylosophy. Through making our bodies healthy & fit, strong and flexible. Through proper breathing. Through lectures, discussions, contemplation and meditation.

The program will be held on Saturdays throughout the year. There will be two residential intensive weekends where everything will be provided for you (accommodation, balanced meals, classes).

Usual day will consist of the following:
*asana practice
*breathing exercise

We welcome you in the pristine mountain surroundings; property with fresh water creek and biological lake, hugged by forests and fields: in Surya International Yoga Study Center.
The Center positioned and designed according to the ancient Vedic knowledge about architecture. The knowledge which focuses on creating a space with maximum benefits for people who use it.

More about the teachers:
More about the location:

Dates for PDT 100 year 2020/2021:

Price and details:
Price: HRK 8000
*can be paid in 3 installments
*HRK 7500 if paid in advance

A typical study day starts at 9 AM and finishes at 5 PM.
Intensive weekends start on Friday evening and finish around 5 PM on Sunday.

The accommodation and food are provided and included in the price during these weekends at Surya.

We invite you to be among the first generation of graduates at Surya International Yoga Study Center in Croatia!

Welcome! 🙂

Surya IYSC Team
Ron&Ana Sažmi

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