Looking back: Second retreat

We as Surya IYSC had our second retreat on the wonderful island Iž in August 2019.

With 14 enthusiastic people, a lot of sun and delicious food we had a great time. This time the program was adjusted with the idea of allowing more of a holiday feeling. There was enough free time to have a nice swim in the sea or a little nap under a pine tree during daytime.

The classes started at 6 a.m. with meditation in the hall and sometimes at the beach enjoying the first rays of sunrise. Morning class finished around 10.30 and a very healthy vegan meal was waiting for us. At 4 p.m. we had a class in which we foxusws on preparing the pelvis for meditation. We also discussed some theory. A very tasty dinner was served at 6.30 p.m. each day. After dinner we had a lecture about the philosophy of yoga. Some of the participants stayed in a hotel room while others enjoyed the campsite. This time we were even more happy with the service of the hotel which has been very helpful. One of the days we did a half-day trip to another, even smaller and uninhabitated island. We had a nice swim in the crystal clear waters, sunbathed a bit and were relaxing in the shade while having nice conversations with each other. This retreat enriched us with a lot of new experiences and a better understanding of the theory.

The theory was very practical and explained in order to fit average daily life situations. It has been a great pleasure to observe how, in a short period of time, the whole group became very loving towards each other and gave all a feeling of a safe environment for being our true selves. Due to that the theory could reach very deep into the personal lives of the participants and could have a bigger impact.

Time surely did fly this week. Everybody left towards home with a heart filled with love and some more insights.

See you again beautiful people and thanks for being with us (again)!

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