Ron’s book about his personal yoga journey is being translated into English!
Hereby a few lines he wrote about Svādhyāya:
Once you have risen above the mind, you notice the turbulence that it naturally has. And you also notice the peace and tranquility on the outside. You experience the I-consciousness so intensely, that you only then experience what the study of the self entails. A sense of being unlimited, an I-awareness that is not related to your body or any other form. Then you notice that the knowledge hidden in you- is just there. And you can grasp it anytime. Only, you need to rise above the mind for a moment to get to that abundance of knowledge. This universal knowledge is present in each of us. The process of seeking and finding this knowledge is called “self-study”: the study of the true inner self. The self which has started to identify itself with all the lines which we have developed in our life towards the outside world. The lines through which we can often forget to silence our mind and to find the strength, love and knowledge within. Where everything is stored. Ready to be used. Self-study, Svādhyāya, is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself.
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