Surya IYSC work update

We like to share with you the latest development of our beautiful project in Croatia.

Since the beginning of this summer we are working very hard to accomplish everything. And let us tell you, it’s a lot. Architects, construction companies, laws, possibilities, finances, frauds, language barriers, culture differences… A sea of information and a lack of knowledge in the needed fields. It’s a challenging project where we have to face a lot of new and unexpected situations. Luckily we are still optimistic about the outcome. So far we have been working with the help of many friends for which we are very grateful. Everything from inside of the house had to be demolished.

In that process we found out that the house was not in that good shape as we thought. Many people came to give their opinion and advise on how to continue. First step was getting a new roof and change some pillars. After a while we came to the conclusion that we had to let go of the architect and after a little while we found out that our contractor was cheating on us. He was selling our materials to someone else. When we found out and tried to reach him he was not reachable anymore. This all was giving us also a little shock, because he was a nice guy and he was very helpful also. Sometimes the reality is a little harsh to face.. Next step we did was talking with our lawyer and pressing charges at the police office. This is a chapter we really like to leave behind us and try to focus on what are the possibilities and options in the present moment. So we had to look for new companies to do the work. Luckily we found new people we hope we can trust that they will do the job right. It is a bizarre period of time, we have to arrange so much, and we new it would be a big challenge, but now and especially Ana has to do a lot of the paper work and translation work in a field where she was not at home in. But she is doing a great job and I really do respect her as a person and as a colleague and as a friend. When I came on July 15 to Surya (let us call our place like this) I could do a lot of physical work which felt great. So much to do in and around the house. My daughter and friends from Holland visited us and were helping us out each day of their stay.

While staying in Surya we are all sleeping in tents. Camping and living outside the whole day in summer is really beautiful. And especially as a compensation for all the challenging situations which were happening. Ana, Igor and his father Ivan and me were working day and night to make it the most beautiful place. Because of everything what happened there has been a delay of the construction. The plan was to have the roof finished by end of July and the work only started on September 2nd. Luckily we are satisfied with the work our new contractors did thus far. We hope to have a bit more time for the paperwork in this period and also for planning the rest of the project. Next to work which has to be done on the house we also have to work around it, organise the ponds, make them clean and ready for natural pool, plan the landscape etc… We bought a lawnmower because the weather in summer has been with a lot of sun and some rain which makes it grow like crazy. Man hours we have been already driving on the little machine. Soon there will also be a tiny wooden house for me.

There is a lot to organize for Croatia as well as Holland, France and India. Not even to mention private matters. So as you see, there are some hurdles to take, but with a good mood and a happy mind we will make it and do it.

Before Christmas as I many times say, it will be oke.

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