Ron van der Post

yoga teacher, nurse, social worker, psychotherapist, massage therapist, shiatsu therapist, nutritionist, personal coach

About Ron

Gosvāmī Tulsīdās (1532-1623; Devanāgarī: } was an Awadhi poet and philosopher. Tulsidas wrote twelve books and is considered the greatest and most famous of Hindi poets. He is regarded as an incarnation of Valmiki, the author of Ramayana written in Sanskrit. He wrote Ramacharitamanasa (The Lake that is the Story of Lord Rama), an epic devoted to Lord Rama. It is an inspiring book that contains sweet couplets in beautiful rhyme called ‘chaupai’. Vinaya Patrika is another important book written by Tulsidas. He is considered one of the northern Indian saints. Brahmrishi Bawraji Viswatma Maharaja was educated in this tradition of philosophy. In this authentic way, his student, Ron van der Post, was educated and trained for many years, before starting his own schools in Holland, France, Suriname and Croatia.

Ron van der Post is one of the few western students of this Guru since the early nineties.

Throughout the years, he went to India many times to travel and study with his Guru throughout India and the Himalayas. Many times his Guru came to Ron’s yoga school to give lectures about philosophy as well as yoga practice.  Ron teaches yoga the way it has been done through centuries in the Himalayas. The individual character and process which is undoubtedly the strength of this form of teaching is the core of his yoga training.

It is Ashtanga Yoga in its truest form, with Karma Yoga as the central pillar. Gaining control over the mental and energetic processes that take place in the body is the main purpose of this kind of yoga. The asanas are simply a means of getting a grip of the mental side of yoga. Asanas are not the goal. Special emphasis is put on the 8-foldpath of yoga, as described by Patanjali, and the application and use of the yamas and niyamas. The individual development of each student is of utmost importance and students are not compared with one another, since yoga is not a competition.

Ron van der Post (1955) is trained as a nurse, social worker, psychotherapist, massage therapist, shiatsu therapist and nutritionist. He has been teaching for over 30 years, and has trained hundreds of students throughout many countries. He has taught yoga all over Europe, South America and India.