* The place is currently under construction! The opening is expected in 2021. Stay tuned for more info and updates. *

Surya International Yoga Study Centre is located in the heart of a hilly range in the north of Croatia. Surrounded by picturesque sunny hills, fresh water springs and magnificent forests of Ivanščica (the highest mountain in north Croatia), it offers a magical and peaceful setting to reconnect with your true self, recharge and get in tune with natural rhythms. The nearest towns are Ivanec (7 km, 14 500 inhabitants) and Varaždin (20 km, 40 000 inhabitants)

1 hour from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia

2,5 hours from Adriatic coastline.

0,5 an hour from Slovenia.

1 hour from Hungary.

1,5 hour from Austria.

2 hours from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

3 hours from Italy.

4 hours from Serbia.

Situated along side the Croatian Long Distance Trail.