Dynamic Hatha Yoga is a discipline based on Ashtanga Yoga and focuses on controlling the mind through the control of body postures and breathing. Hatha yoga means balancing the body, breath and the mind; feelings and rational thinking. Dynamic stands for working hard from an inner softness (sattvic mind).
Asanas are postures and movements with which you can steer the body. They have a direct influence on the flow of your thoughts, your thinking. In that steering process you can come across many things such as resistance, emotions, nausea, muscle pain and physical and mental blockages. Prānayamas are exercises and techniques for obtaining good control of your breathing and your life energy: your Prana.
In the beginning, often the biggest test is giving yourself the time to teach your body to feel again.
There is no competition in yoga and it is not about the performance either. You are practicing for yourself. Your experience is your experience, it is special and irreplaceable.

Hatha Yoga means balancing the body, breath and the mind.