Since he started his teacher training, Ron has been offering guided trips to India for his students each year. This way students can dive deeper into yoga by practicing and learning from Ron’s teacher Swami Yogananda and Krishna Priya Didi at the base of the Himalayas.

The trip usually takes about three weeks. It starts as an intensive 2-week yoga camp and it includes visits to several impressive sights, energetically and historically powerful locations (meditation caves, holy river), ashram (usually two overnight stays at an ashram) and it finishes in Delhi. The intention is to practice yoga at its source, meet great teachers and local people, deepen the practice and understanding of yoga as well as experience all the sides of India in a safe and (as far as possible) organized way.

What you can expect from the Yoga Travel Experience with Ron to India:

  • high intensity yoga classes
  • many meditation hours
  • lectures at the source of Yoga by great spiritual teachers: Swami Yogananda & Krisna Priya Didi
  • going very much into depth of Yoga- phyisicaly, mentaly, emotionaly, philosophicaly
  • experiencing a deep connection with yourself
  • experienced and reliable support in every aspect of your travel from the teachers and organisers
  • group support
  • getting out of your comfort zone in many ways
  • staying at an ashram
  • learning and practicing cleansing techniques
  • visiting energetically powerful meditation spots
  • upon request : guru mantra from Swami Yogananda – mantra to help you bring your meditation to the highest level

Be open and prepared for all kinds of changes along the way- in India plans change many times.

It is a challenge to go from all our everyday luxury lives to incredible India with all it’s sides and faces. Incredible due to different cultural and thinking habits, habits with are a challenge to understand by a westerner.

Due to all the experiences Ron has had in India, he likes to give the people who are interested and enthusiastic about yoga an opportunity to join him on a travel where he brings you along and shows you this wonderful country and places which meant a lot for him on his spiritual path.

There is this ‘thing’ about India: you either love it , or not.

You can see the chaos and filth, big contrasts between the rich and poor. And you can also see the most beautiful nature areas, visit the national parks, the oldest temples, and enjoy in the big variety of landscapes: from hills and the biggest mountains on this planet to deserts, swamps and enormous cities.

However, if you want to experience the spiritual part of India, you need connections. You need to have a guide to bring you to the right places and to meet the right people. A guide who can show you this different and special side of India which is slowly disappearing. Western thinking has a destructive effect on the eastern philosophy, philosophy of life.

This side of India is the side which Ron likes to bring people closer to and give them a chance to have the real experience how it is to be next to a real yogi, a person with real wisdom. To see how a real yogi is very much in the society and also has another side, a side which shows knowledge through experience which has a very soothing and warm effect on others.

Also, to have the experience of the holy river Ganges on a private spot where almost nobody comes and where we can as a group have our own part of the beach, enjoy meditation and go for a swim. Instead of being in between immense crowds. To go to the Himalayas, the raw and breathtaking nature, visit Badrinath, meditate in Mana (a place where many yogis meditated) and feel the energy and upliftment in your meditation. Experience ashram lifestyle which has not changed much in ages, and much much more…

The India travel comes down to a travel towards our inner self.

Feel free to contact us and be a part of this incredible journey by an experienced guide who has been bringing groups of western yogis to India for many years already.

Feel free to contact us for more information