Grand opening
Dear all,

* The center is open for renting! *

To organize your retreat contact us with your personal request. Looking forward to welcoming you and helping you facilitate your program.

More information about the center and renting can be found here. However, for the grand opening, we will have to wait a little bit longer.



Dear all,
Due to delays in the renovation and due to a very slow administration process we need some more patience. This means we have to reschedule the opening to a different date when all the paperwork and permits will be settled. As you all can imagine, this is definitely out of our planning and wishful thinking. We would have really liked it to bring you some better news than this. All our plans for the opening were already fully running and our optimistic mindset was very much there. However, there are some things which we can’t rush or change. This is why we have to adjust and be flexible. The goal remains very clear. And we believe that this situation now also has its reasons and that maybe when we leave the intense and extraordinary 2020 behind, some new light (of Surya) will shine.
Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience if you already made some arrangements!
For a wonderful opening, we like to have wonderful weather also, so that you will be able to experience Surya in its full glory. This is why we have to inform you that the opening will be on another date, yet unknown. As soon as all the paperwork is ready, we will make a new announcement. Thank you for your understanding.
Much love and light,
Ron & Ana



Original post:


We are very happy to invite you to the opening of the Surya International Yoga Study Center in Croatia on Sunday, October 25th, 2020 !!!

Our goal and wish are to be the central place in Europe where you can come to learn and experience all aspects of yoga as well as take a break from everyday life, be in nature, calmness, feeling safe, and welcome. We like to be there to support the process of growth in each individual open to learn and explore. All this with the wish to bring more health, balance, happiness, joy, gratitude, and wisdom among people.

The official opening will start on Sunday at 11:00 o’clock. You are welcome to arrive starting from 10:30 a.m.

SUNday is according to the Vedic tradition the day of Surya (the sun). What a coincidence… :)

After a long and very learning path to reach this point, we are more then delighted to share this announcement with you.


11:00-13:00 official opening

13:30 lunch

16:00 presenting Surya IYSC program for next year(s)

17:00 short guided meditation

Feel free to come and experience the energy and potential of this magical place.

Among other reasons, the center is a very special place due to the alignments made according to Vedic architecture (Vastu). This means that everything in the house, including the entrances and the windows, is placed in the way which provides the purest energy. The energy which supports better grounding and connection to the source through which we can have deeper meditations.

Please let us know if you are planning to attend by sending a mail to

Thank you all for your support throughout this process!!!

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