Looking back to PDT 2020/2021

GRATITUDE is definitely what stands out the most after finalizing our first Personal Development Training Year here in Surya!

An amazing and unique group of students worked together with us and created a sacred space. They magically allowed us in their hearts, allowed us to guide the process of opening up, raising awareness and facing the (not always pleasant) truths and transformations. Holding space for them was a beautiful experience because it taught us all so much.

Working through asanas, pranayama, meditation, relaxation, evaluation, communication, expression, constellations and much more, all based on yoga philosophy, again proved to be a very comfortable, secure and outstandingly useful pillar.
We are grateful to our own teachers and the energy flowing through us in the right moments.

We saw students getting more anchored, improve their emotional stability, learn to communicate and express themselves from their heart and in a more clear way ☀️.

We wished for them to take good care of their own lighthouse and keep their inner light shining 💗.
The basic message of this weekend turned out to be: take yourself bloody serious in order to make the right choices, stand your ground and allow your lighthouse to shine bright every day.

Thank you! 🦋


Interested in joining us for Personal Development Training 2021 / 2022?

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