Actions are motivated by bhava (feeling, sentiment). These feelings are often the reason or cause of actions.
Change which happens due to outside stimuli will not result in permanent change. It is therefore essential to strive for a change in thinking. A change in thinking cannot be achieved by forced thinking but through careful contemplation, reflection and concentration. It cannot be achieved through power, joy or money. It can only be changed through clear thinking.

The goal of life is the realization of the Brahma consciousness, the union with the Supreme. The ability to achieve realization succeeds when buddhi (knowledge, wisdom) becomes pure.

SURYA IYSC has emerged from a traditional and authentic yoga institution in India (the Brahmrishi Mission) and offers different training possibilities; dynamic on a physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual level

The roots of the training originate directly from the Himalayas. Brahmrishi Vishwatma Bawra and Swami Yogananda remain to this day lively examples and sources of inspiration.

Even though the age of yoga is hard to truly gauge, yoga remains very appropriate and refreshing to modern day and age. Yoga is about your personal experience and development, which are unique to each individual practitioner. Yoga is a continuous, life-long learning process.

Yoga is the art of life.

By becoming conscious of the body we’re able to slowly but steadily resolve any blockages that have nestled in. That allows for the energy to flow again. This is what creates a feeling of lightness in our practice.
With softness and effort, we seek the limits of the body. This allows our body to become supple again in order to achieve the stability needed for meditation. In the pratice of yapranayama; combining attention and breath, the body and especially the mind can become calm.

If physically possible, we continue in the process, despite potential fears. We root ourselves in the technique and trust in the teacher and in our body. Practice becomes a game of discovery and experience. We can allow ourselves to reconnect to a childish inner state of openness to give our bodies space without the restrictions of emotions, fears and associations.
Then, our body awareness increases, which has great beneficial effects on our health in general. We pick up on our physical signals faster and our attitude becomes more preventative. We become stronger both mentally and emotionally. On top of that, there are countless physical benefits to be gained.

The reasons for the educations we organise are twofold.

Firstly, it comes out of the motto to serve and pass on the acquired knowledge and skills.
Secondly, it is a way which allows a Western student to really come to understand the authentic meaning of this Eastern philosophy of life.

Yoga offers a transformation in which spirituality, inner contentedness, mental health and a stable society take a central place. Hence educations aim at the individual within the context of society. The philosophy teachings are projected onto daily life situations, making this philosophy accessible to all.

Learning through experience with both your feet firmly on the ground best describes the style of our approach to yoga.