Our objective

The Surya International Yoga Study Centre is a place where yoga and spirituality are practiced in a unique and traditional way with a modern approach. A centre where sustainability is of paramount importance. The aim is to be a place which feels like home away from home, a place of peace, inspiration and learning for every person who is interested in improving their lifestyle, health and spirituality. Sustainable lifestyle in the broadest sense of the word is the principle which will guide the centre.

Surya IYSC mostly attracts people who are interested in spirituality, personal growth and yoga in particular. Those who are interested in a sustainable lifestyle and want to integrate that into everyday life. Those who, through spirituality, seek balance in their lives for better performance at work or after depression / burnout / trauma. People from all over the world are welcome. The centre has a special focus on the people from the region and the neighbouring countries (Slovenia, Austria, Hungary). Special trainings will be available for the local communities.

Our service

We organise modules or theme weeks and retreats, accessible to everyone. Individual retreats are possible, all under expert guidance. Lectures, workshops for local and surrounding cities are regularly offered, either in the centre or at other locations. Internationally we offer: ordinary retreats, silence retreats, individual retreats, massage workshops with a holistic approach, detox weeks, food weeks, teacher training and yoga therapy modules (bearing in mind people suffering burnout / depression and other imbalances), education about permaculture and sustainability, natural building. Special workshops for personal and spiritual growth are central. Also, it will be possible to rent the space out to others to organise their retreats at this location.

What makes us stand out from others

Surya IYSC is based on a centuries-old tradition in yoga teaching as it has been passed on in the Himalayas. The intention is to continue passing on this pure and profound knowledge in a natural and accessible way. Yoga is a way of life and in this centre it is lived to what is being taught. Distinctive is the depth and enormous background of philosophical knowledge of yoga and the holistic anatomy of body postures. Life according to yoga, from a conscious way of being in and with nature and a sustainable life characterize the centre.