The knowledge of yoga has been there since the dawn of humanity. Slowly this knowledge disappeared and occasionally great yogis come to refresh the knowledge in order to show humanity a way to unification. Even though Yoga is a practice with such an old tradition, it remains alive, adjusting to the needs of the present moment. Yoga is about the personal experience and quest, and these are always unique, depending on each individual.

Your body is an expression of your state of mind.
The body is an expression of your inner being; it reacts to your emotions and thoughts to a greater or lesser extent, becoming strong or weak, flexible or stiff, sensitive or insensitive. Your body constantly gives signals about how you feel. Ignoring or suppressing these signals is usually counterproductive. Your body then always looks for another weak spot where tensions or blockages can crawl to and be stored. The word crawl indicates that this is an insidious process. Yoga is a way to rediscover this language of the body.
The interaction between the body and the mind is fascinating and instructive.

A yoga practice helps you to:

Become aware of your body and yourself
Get more in touch with yourself
Find peace in yourself
Prevent and/or alleviate health issues
Get into better shape
Learn to relax
Return to your real self
Or it is practiced just because you like it … :)