Are you curious about the meaning of of Patañjali’s sūtras?

Patañjali wrote an immense paper on the theory and practice of yoga. We call it the yoga sūtras of Patañjali. This became a very important book all over the world. People are curious to read and even more so to understand these sūtras.

What meaning do they have? How should we nowadays make a correct interpretation?

I have seen many people struggling with this during the last 30 years. With the knowledge I have I really like to try to make it more simple and accessible for those who like to understand it more and interpret them more in regards to daily life nowadays.

During the Yoga Sūtras Course we will discuss about the sūtras and try to make a link to our every day life. Yoga will be explained as a practical method and not only a huge and impressive philosophy about life. We will discuss about yoga and its message not only about how life can be, but also what we can really do.

In this first year of the course we will go through the following:

# Introduction about the science and purpose of Patañjalis book

# Chapter 1 sutras 1.1 – 1.15

# Chapter 2 sutras 2.1 – 2.15

Goal of the Yoga Sūtras Course:

When the student understands these sūtras which we will study and focus on, then he/she is more able to read and understand the method of yoga in its basic form. This course will give you the tools to understand Patañjali’s mission, and the daily influence of this philosophy. The deeper we get, the more we need to practice.

For whom is this Yoga Sūtras Course:

This course is designed for those people who have finished yoga teacher training and are curious about the depth of yogic practices and philosophy behind them. Where yoga became a way of life and a path of spirituality.


Classes will be interactive and homework will be an important part of the study. Every student will prepare himself/herself by reading the sūtra which will be discussed according the basic 5 questions:

1] What is your first impression after reading this sutra?

2] How would you explain this sutra after a second thought?

3] What can we learn from this sutra, what is the message?

4] After meditating on this sutra, what insight does it give?

5] How to explain to someone else this sutra in simple words?


When: Sunday evenings 19.30 – 20.45

! IMPORTANT! If you won’t be able to join a certain lecture you will be provided with the recording of the lecture.

Where: ZOOM (online)

Books: Yoga sutra’s of Patanjali by Taimni / Kapil samkhy and Patanjali yoga by Brahmrishi Viswatma Bawraji Maharaj

Price: € 450,= for the entire year

Payment can be done in two parts. The first payment is the confirmation of subscribing.







For more information and applications feel free to contact:

Ana Mikac: +385953886048

Ron van der Post +31620095146

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Looking forward to dig together with you into the ancient knowledge and put more light on the purpose and possibilities of human life!

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